I just want to spend some quiet time
A place were my thoughts
Aren't screaming at me
A place were I can see
The memory of you

Ear plus work if the sound Is coming from outside
Not  from the inside
How did you get in my head
I never understood a word you said

I didn't want to understant life
Via God
He never answered
I asked Google
He dosen't know either

On my way back from Mars
Kirkobeeos original words


Fifty years ain't to old
She looks good naked
She is bold
A friend she has always been
For her there is no sin
To pose naked

I was very pleased
How she moved with ease
Amongst the rocks
Her Hair was down
As she layed upon the ground

She closed her eyes and took a breath
She was naked now at rest
I looked at her through the lens
Shes a lover I pretend
I didn't want the day to end

Written on the way back from Mars


Its a sin
Thinking how it might of been
If I had learned to read
Warnings I could heed
But no
A dumb ass I became
I found someone to blame
Sitting in a darkend room
Waiting for the day of doom

Written on my way back from Mars

Through the wall

The night is full of sounds
They abound
I thought because I was awake
I was alone
But through the wall
I heard the sounds

Thumps at first
But then the words
Like a flock of birds
I thought

I heard the squeak of springs
Then the screams
I thought that she lived alone
With her dogs
Maybe she did

But then she called her name
She called her Sid
Diana loved what Sid had did
And told her so

From the poems from Mars

Bad news
I went and got these bees out of a wall last night.I thought I would put them in the garage til this morning.Stupid Idea they succumbed to the heat Bummer

Shop vac
I just got back from Hidden Hills.I went and piced up a shop vac.It had a hive of bees liveing in it.
Beautiful day

Farm Lab
I'm going to talk at the Farm Lab today about Urban Beekeeping.Also took my bike for a spin yesterday

Wow I went and checked two trap outs.Put one new swarm in a new box.Melted some new bees wax took some pic's of a very happy cactus.Ready for more

Bees and more bees
I had a very good Bee week.I caught a swarm.I did two cut outs(remove bees by dismantleing the structer they were in) and a couple of trap outs.Also I helped Shairyn with a swarm capture.Oh yeah and Russell out up the Honey Harvest video on You Tube,Pretty good week.I started putting my pictures up on Flickr also.I'm looking forward to doing a Salon with Amy at Farm Lab this Friday about urban Beekeeping.And I have had a good time being a Vegan this week.I'm getting good help from Sebastisn

kirkobeeo in action
Kirkobeeo catching a swarm of bees.After I captured them(with Shairyn's help) I left them there so Nancy could have a hive at her place in Santa Monica.Me and Shairyn are partners on this hive.


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